New Commissioned Paintings

| 14 January, 2016 12:11

"Roslyn Village, 1959" Watercolor, 22" x 28" ©2015                          "St. Mary's Church, Roslyn", Watercolor, 24" x 18"©2015

Commisions can be challenging and wonderful adventures in painting.  My client asked me to paint the iconic clock tower and movie theatre of the picturesque village of Roslyn here on Long Island, NY.  But here's the tricky part (as if all the architecture was not challenging enough!) I had to add in his parents' car and the movie they saw when they met "Some Like it Hot" to the movie theatre marquee. Fortunately he had photos of the car which helped.  And thankfully when I went to take pictures it was a beautiful fall afternoon with great shadows, light and color in the foliage.  It makes painting so much easier when you have the right reference material. It was a success and hopefully will be a cherished part of my client's home for many years to come.

Best wishes and happy painting!