House portraits make a great gift!

| 21 January, 2017 17:23

Watercolor by Nancy Wernersbach©2016, 16" x 20"

A portrait of a beloved home can make a special gift that has meaning for many years to come. I was pleased to do this painting for my cousin--it was a surprise Christmas gift which  made it all the more enjoyable. Her husband sent me photos and even paint swatches as the color in the emailed photo came out more blue than the actual paint color of the house. Why not just take a photo and frame it? Well a painting goes way beyond the limits of a photograph which is a record of what is actually there at the time. The photo was early spring without any flowers or much foliage; also unwanted nearby houses crowded in and the sky was gray. For the painting I took liberties with the flower plantings and foliage to give the scene a burst of color and life. Of course it had to be a sunny day with a blue sky and some clouds--all things are possible in a painting while still staying true to the original look of the house and landscaping.

Next time you are stuck for a special gift think of a house portrait for a friend or family member!

Best wishes,