Traveling to Paint

| 27 October, 2018 17:32

My little 6 x 8 Thumbox has seen some mileage and acquired a new sticker on a recent trip to take an oil painting workshop in Venice with my teacher Howard Rose. We had a delightful time exploring and trying to capture the color and feel of this majestic city in our paintings--more pictures to follow! Traveling with art supplies brings a whole new level of stress to a trip! Here's a few tips I learned to make this easier:

I work small--6 x 8 or 8 x 10 at the most is better outdoors where you only have an hour or so before the light and shadows change. A wet paint carry box is a must for taking wet paintings home.

Since all paint needed to go in the checked bag on the plane I carefully labeled it as "Artists Colors" and put in the manufacturers safety data sheet to show that it is not flammable. Don't call it paint as that can upset the TSA. Also double bag it in ziploc bags to avoid a mess.

My water-soluble oils are easy to travel with they don't need solvents for clean up--you can't bring turp or mediums on the plane. I tried using olive oil as a medium this time since I feel the water-soluble oils need a little medium to make them flow more evenly. The only problem with the olive oil is the drying time for the painting--3 weeks later and they are still damp--not a good idea!

Packing cubes made it easy to keep clothes in the checked bag away from the art supplies.

I used a backpack this time to carry my art supplies to our painting locations--it was much easier than dragging a carry on bag through the narrow cobbled streets. I kept the weight down by only bringing half tubes on paint--on small canvases I don't need a lot of paint. I carried my tripod separately.

Happy Painting!